New Stone Extremadura. S.L.U is a company specialized in the commercialization of natural stone; both national and import.

We distribute a large variety of marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate and quartzite.

We are also official distributors of the brand Equs Quartz, Laminam and Lapitec, materials used for kitchen countertops, bathroom and façade coatings.

Warehouse specialized in natural stones marbles, national and imported granites, sandstones, quartzites. Distributors of compact quartz Equs.

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Lapitec Satin

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Lapitec® is an innovative “full body” sintered stone, in large format plates, which combines aesthetic value with large and enormous physical and mechanical properties, combining the potential of technical porcelain with the consistency, the transformation capacity, the elegance and naturalness of the colors and finishes typical of natural stone.

The special silky shine and the imperceptible roughness provide ease of cleaning to this finish. “SATIN” is a candidate for the ideal finish for unique applications, such as kitchen or work surfaces, for interior and exterior wall cladding and for residential or commercial floors.


Lapitec® is the largest format sintered stone surface available in the market. It is manufactured in XXL boards, in thicknesses calibrated to 12, 20 or 30 mm. The thicknesses of 12 and 20 mm guarantee a board size of 3365×1500 mm (5.05 m2), while the 30 mm guarantees a board size of 1460×3365 mm (4.91 m2).

It is versatile

Lapitec® can be transformed into the most varied construction and decoration products, and in the dimensions requested by the designer. As it is a “complete body” material and easy to work with, it can be used for endless applications: from large format coatings of interior and exterior walls to floors, from kitchen countertops to ventilated facades.

It is clean

The Lapitec® surface does not contain pores, is waterproof, does not stain and is resistant to the settlement of bacteria and mold. In addition, it is easily cleaned with warm water and a cloth.

It is eternal

Lapitec® is a product resistant to the corruption of weather and climate, resistant to acids, bases and solvents, of great hardness, resistant to impact and abrasion, incombustible, resistant to freezing, insensitive to the degrading action of UV rays. In addition, it is totally scratch resistant.

It is natural

Lapitec® is produced respecting the environment and the consumer, since it does not contain any type of resins, nor petroleum derivatives, it is antibacterial and it is a completely inert material.

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