New Stone Extremadura. S.L.U is a company specialized in the commercialization of natural stone; both national and import.

We distribute a large variety of marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate and quartzite.

We are also official distributors of the brand Equs Quartz, Laminam and Lapitec, materials used for kitchen countertops, bathroom and façade coatings.

Warehouse specialized in natural stones marbles, national and imported granites, sandstones, quartzites. Distributors of compact quartz Equs.

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Sandstone is any sedimentary rock composed of stone grains between 1/16 mm and 2 mm in diameter that are cemented together. Used in construction as an architectural and decorative element, sandstone has many uses. The sandstones are used mainly to pave soils thanks to their hardness and the great availability of models and colors that go from coffee to pinkish through the cream or reddish tone.

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